Improved Health With Water Therapy

Improved Health With Water Therapy - Mobile Spa Pros

     A recent study has shown that water therapy could be a possible solution for anyone that struggles with insomnia, getting a good nights sleep. The study revealed that individuals who practiced ANY water therapy technique experienced improved sleep quality and significantly increased their chances of light to deep sleeping patterns aka REM.

Water therapy is not just about getting wet and cooling down your body temperature. It is about the experience of being in the water, feeling weightlessness, and enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy.

The most common and well known form of water therapy is called hydrotherapy which uses a pool or a tub filled with warm water providing pain relief and or injury recovery. There are two types of hydrotherapy: stationary (where you stay in one place) and moving which is self explanatory. 

There are plenty of benefits associated with both forms of hydrotherapy but stationary hydrotherapy provides more benefits than moving because it allows the person to stay still and relax while they enjoy its effects. One popular example is the use of floatation tanks.

Floatation tanks work on the principle that sensory deprivation in a dark and silent environment can allow the brain to produce endorphins or "feel-good" chemicals.

The use of floatation tanks as a form of therapy has been in practice since 1962. Some people even believe that water is an underrated healing agent. There are many different benefits of using water for therapeutic purposes including physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The benefits of this type of treatment include deep relaxation, improved circulation, and reduced stress levels.

Hydrotherapy, also known as Aquatic Therapy, is the usage of water to treat a host of different ailments. Water has the ability to cleanse the skin, relieve stress, and provide healing for many painful conditions. It can be used to help heal burns and wounds, relieve stress and anxiety, improves circulation, as well as treat skin problems. Hydrotherapy has been around since the Greeks recognized its healing effects over 2500 years ago. The Romans built baths to provide a form of hydrotherapy for the general public.

Hydrotherapy has been used in various forms ever since then while continuing to evolve with time. What may have started off as a relatively simple form of healing has now become a form of therapy that is often recommended by physicians and other health care providers alike.

The benefits of hydrotherapy on your skin are plentiful in both the short-term and long term; you will see an improvement in your skin's quality after just one session!

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